Lewis Hamilton Avoids Prosecution For Dumbass Snapchat On Motorcycle

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Mercedes Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton almost got in trouble in New Zealand for a brief Snapchat video he posted while riding a Harley-Davidson. While the video clearly shows Lewis using a phone while on a bike, police say that is insufficient evidence to take further action.

The Guardian reports Hamilton visited Auckland before heading to the Australian Grand Prix. According to The Guardian, it has been illegal to use a mobile device while driving in New Zealand since 2009.

Also, it’s dumb and not safe. Not much more explanation needed than that.

While this snap from Hamilton’s own account clearly shows him on his trip to New Zealand, an Auckland police spokesperson told The Guardian that it wasn’t sufficient evidence to act on:

Auckland city police will be taking no further action in relation to recent media publicity about Lewis Hamilton and his motorcycle journey in Auckland. The video footage available does not provide us with sufficient enough evidence that an offence has occurred.

We would like to reiterate our earlier statements that police take the issue of mobile phone use whilst driving or riding very seriously. It is a significant distraction and a major risk to all road users.


Thus, Hamilton escaped any kind of trouble this time, however, it’s worth noting that he would have been completely hosed had he been pulled over mid-Snapchat.

Then your snap becomes evidence, and things get significantly less pleasant from there.