Let's Watch A 1980s Toyota Supra Do 196 MPH

The third-generation Toyota Supra is not a particularly beloved car, especially with an automatic transmission. Anyway, here’s one doing 196 mph.

Normally you’d expect a hot Supra to have a 1JZ or 2JZ engine, coupled to some ultra-beefy manual transmission. Those engines are legendary, and they came stock in Supras. That’s a big reason why Supras have such a following.


Well, this A70 Supra appears to have the not-all-that special 7M straight six and looking into the interior you can see it looks like it has a torque-converter auto in there too.

How this thing got up to 317 kp/h at the Yatabe high speed track back in 1989, I do not know, but I’m suddenly feeling like a Supra could be in my future.

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