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Let's Try And Help Recover This Stolen Round-Taillight BMW 2002

Illustration for article titled Lets Try And Help Recover This Stolen Round-Taillight BMW 2002

As you may know, I feel a certain obligation to try and help people with stolen cars when I’m able. This one struck a particular chord with me, not just because it’s a lovely 1972 BMW 2002, but because the owner’s had this car for 17 years. I know exactly how this feels, and I know that sometimes miraculous things can happen.


Here’s everything we know about the car and situation so far: it’s a 1972 BMW 2002 tii; it’s black with blacked out kidney grilles. It has those blue/yellow vintage-style California plates (O13 JTN). The car was stolen in West Hollywood between 1:30 and 7pm yesterday.


The 2002 also has a big pair of clear, round driving lights, gold/grey wheels, and a license plate frame that reads “1972 2002 tii POCKET ROCKET.” The passenger side taillight is much more faded than the driver’s side, so if you see it at night, the driver’s side light will be glowing more red, I suspect.

I was sent this by someone who doesn’t know the owner personally, but if you have any information, the owner has a post on this BMW 2002 forum. Her name seems to be Laurel, and she has an email address on the page to contact her if you have any information. She requests you call police as well if you see it.

It’s a big deal to have a car for 17 years; it’s more than just at car, after all it’s been with you. We all know this. Let’s keep our eyes open and see if we can’t re-unite this 2002 with its longtime owner.

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Rusty Shackleford

I hate to say it, but that car is likely gone and in pieces now. I feel for this owner and I hope the thief has bed bugs for life.