Let's Try and Help Fulfill Someone's Wish For Classic Cars at His Funeral

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This is a sad story. It’s about a man who died, but also a sweet story about a devoted brother. I just got an email from a man named Paul, whose brother just passed away after years of struggle with early-onset Alzheimer’s. His brother was a true gearhead, and he’s hoping there’s some Jalops in the area with classic cars who may be willing to take part in the funeral.


Here’s what Paul told me, which has details of the funeral (emphasis mine):

First, some background... My big brother passed away a few days ago after a multi-year struggle with Early Onset Dementia (a.k.a. Alzheimer’s). He was a HUGE car guy and is the reason why I grew up to be a car guy. He owned multiple classic old VWs, Mustang convertibles, Mercedes, and other interesting cars. (Yes, I know, I had you at “old VWs.”)

I’m wondering if you could write an article asking for folks who have classic cars (e.g. pre-1980) in the area to join the funeral procession on Saturday November 3rd at 12:15 pm?

The funeral procession will be from St Anthony’s church, Cohasset MA (Address: 10 Summer St, Cohasset, MA 02025) and go ~1 mile to Central Cemetery, Joy Place, Cohasset MA. (Note: Cohasset is ~20 miles south of Boston) The meet-up location would be at St. Anthony’s parking lot.

So, are there any classic-car-owning Jalops around the Cohasset/Boston area who may be able to help out here? I know they specified pre-1980, but I suspect a nice ‘80s-era car won’t be turned away.

You can get in touch with Paul directly by emailing him at this address, which has been set up just for this purpose: jimnovember3@gmail.com.

Thanks for your help, whoever can do this. I’m sure the presence of these cars will mean a lot to the family.

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Cohasset is two towns away from me, it’s so weird to see something so local on this site.

I wish I had a classic car to bring to the procession, but I’ll share the story with my other South Shore friends!