Huh, it seems those mannequins were the work of an artist named Eric So, so maybe that’s more of A Thing than I realize.

Image for article titled Let's Take A Moment To Remember The Most Ridiculous Car Rebadging Of All Time
Screenshot: Pontiac/Toyota

The RHD interior seemed to pull more parts from the Matrix than the Vibe, just to keep things nice and confusing.


It’s all so strange, and reveals so much about the inherent madness of badge engineering. Because this strange ouroboros of a car is a Toyota re-badged as a Pontiac re-badged as a Toyota.

Has there ever been another car to be badge-engineered back to its origin company before? I don’t think so.


So, everyone, take in the majestic madness of the Toyota Voltz, and take some sort of lesson from its example, somehow.