Let's Spread Some False Automotive Rumors, Why Not?

Sometimes a good hoax or lie is just fun. Truth is great, don’t get me wrong, but whether we call it fiction or fibbing, sometimes a total fabrication is just the right thing. So how about a little experiment? I made a bunch of lies in sharable-image form — and you should feel free to make your own — what happens if we put them out in the world?

I guess what I’m most curious to see is how long it will take before a less automotive-oriented social media friend will share one of these back to me. I tried to pick things that would be barely believable to someone who didn’t really think much about cars, but still just ridiculous enough to be compelling and, under scrutiny, an obvious hoax.


Also, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing really harmful in any of these. I’m not looking to hurt anyone, just mess around a bit.

So, here’s what I have, lie-wise. I tried to make them look sort of like the sorts of images that get passed around the internet, and if any of you have some fun lies, I’d love to see those and get those spread around as well. If this works, and someone gets one of these shared to them from a sweet, trusting dupe, then by all means, let me know!

This one should be good to send to your conspiracy-loving friends, making sure to point out that if they look on the sticker in their doorjamb, they’ll see that cars now have expiration dates. That’s how they get you!


Seems barely plausible, right?


For your friends who call movies “film.”


Another one for the paranoids.


Seems plausible.

Happy lying!

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