Let's Help One Of 'True Life's' Detroit Students With Tuition Fundraiser

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18-year-old Alyssia Akers was one of three Detroit students featured in "True Life: I'm Saving Detroit" but she hasn't stopped chasing her goals since the cameras stopped filming.

If you watched the episode, Akers helped lead a campaign to tear down a blighted home near Central High School, something she was compelled to do after being assaulted in a vacant structure while walking home from school.


Since then, Akers has graduated from Central High School this past summer and was accepted to Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Thing is, she's (as of this post) $2,500 short of her tuition for the fall.

Akers and her supporters have a crowdfund set up in the hopes of raising the remaining funds for her tuition. She's raised about $1,500 so far. Here's what she says on her site:

Overcoming barriers is a skill I had to learn early in my life. Growing up in a single parent household in Detroit, being poor was a huge part of my experience. I learned that the world was unfair, but instead of crying and being upset with life, I kept my thoughts positive and looked at the skills I was learning in these experiences. I learned how to be responsible and also I learned how to stay strong when dealing with adversities. But more than anything, I believed that I shouldn’t let these negative situations distract me from wanting more for myself. Going to Bowling Green means that I will obtain an education that will continue to develop my mind and allow me in turn to transform the lives of youth and enrich their community.

I think we should help out, no? You're probably assaulted with a dozen Kickstarters and such daily for short films and '80s movie statues, but a buck or two from each reader to help someone go to college would meet the goal with ease, I think.

Akers has two days to meet her goal, so let's make it happen.

[UPDATE, Aug. 15: The deadline has been extended until next Friday, and so far more than half the goal has been reached. Thanks, Jalops and everyone else who donated! Also, MLive expands on Alyssia's story a bit more.]


[Hat-tip to MTVMorgan; Link via YouCaring.com]

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Uh, I don't see mentioned anywhere that she has a job?

Did she try working yet, is is that just outside of the range of possibilities in Detroit?