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Is there anything lower than a grandma-scammer? No. There isn’t. That’s why I think it’d be nice if we can help identify the truck that belongs to a pair of jackasses who appear to be attempting to scam people around Hazlet, New Jersey, including the grandmother of Jarrett, who emailed us about an experience his grandmother had with the drivers of this truck.


Here’s what happened, according to Jarrett:

“Last week, my grandmother had two men knock on her door last week and offer to seal her driveway. So like a typical little old lady, she starts blabbing things that she shouldn’t and gives them $25 as a down payment for the job.

One the men then asks to use the bathroom and heads inside while the other man stays and talks to her. After a few minutes, he comes back and they leave. My grandmother goes back in and notices that religious statues on her dresser are knocked over and that the $125 that she gets weekly is gone. There’s a few other things that have happened since then, so it’s understandable that we’re freaking out a bit.

Here’s the kicker.

My aunt notices that one of the houses on main road has cameras all over the house and as it turns out, he works for ADT and was more than happy to look though his footage. Well sure enough, he got a picture of the truck, but we have no idea what make and model it is.”

The truck appears to be a dually, a big crew cab Ford possibly, but I’m not absolutely sure. Maybe once again the Jalopnik Hive Mind can come through and help out. Put your guesses in the comments and I’ll let Jarrett know where to check for possible answers.

Let’s see if we can make things hard for these grandma-scammers, right?

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