A few days ago around Portland, OR, someone driving what appears to be a 2005-2009 Lexus RX 330 ran another driver off the road on NW Thompson at Skyline. It’s not really clear why the Lexus swerved across the double yellow, but the driver kept on driving, so we know that, on some level, they suck.

A Facebook post from the mother of the young driver of the car run off the road gave a few more details:

“On Thursday at 2:30 pm, a person driving this Lexus entirely crossed the double yellow lines and ran my son off NW Thompson Road at Skyline. The driver did not ...stop at the accident scene. Luckily, my son and his friend were not hurt. However, his car is totaled (a car he paid for himself by working since the 8th grade). The driver behind my son had a dash cam that produced this video.”


It was wet out, sure, but nobody else seemed to have any issue staying in their lane. Was this driver texting? Crocheting? Drunk? I have no idea, but that’s a hell of a swerve.

It was fortunate the driver of the red car was able to get off the road, as a head-on collision would have absolutely been far worse for everyone involved, even if the lousy Lexus driver wouldn’t have just driven away with no consequences.

Here’s a slow-motion version of the video, if that helps:

If anyone is able to determine the license plate number or has any information about the Lexus, please let the Multnomah County Sheriff’s office know.


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