Let's Find This Stolen Truck Because I Know We Can

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As you can imagine, when people come to me now with requests to help find stolen cars, I feel I have a duty to do what little I can, because of how incredibly the Jalopnik community came through for me. So now we have a new target, a 1997 Cummins Diesel truck that was very important to the owner, Max. Let's find it.

Here's what reader Jared emailed me about the truck:

This guy basically drives around helping people by moving racecars, peoples' broken down cars, people themselves, you name it, always for free, just help him find fuel, [he's a] 1986 AE86 owner also which he will now [have to put on hold] his dream of restoring it, towing it around and driving it at tracks along his journeys. His truck is noticeable, someone must know where it is.


That sounds like a pretty good guy to me, and someone who really deserves to have their truck back. From his VWVortex post we get more information:

Stolen in San Francisco on approx. 4/19/2013 between sunset and sunrise. The truck was parked at McAllister and Filmore. SFPD has been notified but no leads so far.

This is no normal guy or truck, this situation is devastating because Max literally spends his life driving around and helping people, often using his truck in the process. His truck is a very big part of his life, such a big part that this is the equivalent of someone stealing your job and home in one shot.

The 1997 Green and Grey long bed, extended cab 4WD Dodge truck was stolen in San Francisco overnight and should have been very noticable wherever it was going. The truck is huge, loud, pukes out smoke that smells tasty and generally cannot be turned off or on easily so may be sitting somewhere idling. There is minor body damage all over the truck, bigger dents on the bed making it stand out while also blend in because its nothing to look at for most people.

Other than aftermarket tires and wheels (black alloys with heavily worn BFG KM/2s) you will not notice much more other than the stickers on the rear glass and dashboard you might see a Cummins 300,000 Mile Club badge on the front grill. You can also see two after market fuel pumps hanging below the cab/bed from each side of the truck for the vegetable oil fuel system and a HUGE exhaust pipe.

The truck is very, very fast. Its a heavily modified 5.9L Turbo Diesel and I think this truck was stolen to facilitate another crime. Like pulling something or ramming something. Or just the joy ride of their life. Either way to the enthusiasts out there keep your eyes peeled for this truck, it cannot fly under our radar.

So please, if you see this truck, hear this truck, know who has this truck help us get to it. There is a reward! Spread this around for good karma since you will be helping a really good person.

1125 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 614-3400

So if anyone has seen the truck, or knows anything about this, please let us know in the comments. I'm hoping the powerful Jalopnik Hive Mind can come through again and reunite a pair of human-automotive companions. Thanks, as always.

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For Sweden

A Cummins diesel pickup in San Francisco?

Are we sure it wasn't just destroyed by the municipal government "for the owner's own safety"?