Dan Neil's review of the Range Rover LWD is out. There's nothing particularly noteworthy about the car or the write-up, beyond a solid assessment, a few smart turns of phrase, and the odd opium joke. But one confession caught our eye. His wife wants a classic Range Rover. We should help her with that.

Specifically, The Pulitzer Prize™-winning automotive journalist said:

But now, I can't go on without addressing my hideous family secret. My wife wants a vintage Range Rover, preferably a two-door in British green and black brush bars—Oy! And, of course, she wants one produced during the model's most problem-plagued years, which date from beginning of production (1970) to the end (1996).

That seems totally doable, and Mrs. Neil is already on it, citing a 1995 County LWB example with the coil-suspension upgrade for a cool $5k. But we can do better.


So while you're trolling Craigslist and eBay for a summer project this weekend, throw in a photo and a link to the listing for Mrs. Neil to pester Dan with.

I'll start.