James Deane has won all there is to win over in Europe, and this season, he made a return to America’s Formula Drift after a seven-year absence. Nobody knew how his style would stack up here in the States. As it turned out, he clowned on us all.


Now, I should not totally give off the vibe that James Deane is the best or all American drifting sucks. Deane was up against some weird battles, including Ryan Tuerck, who was suffering some issues and Chris Forsberg, who was in a backup car. It’s not clear if Forsberg missed a gear at one point or if he clutch-checked Deane, I should also say:


Still! Deane ripped.

He was super smooth, making the job of running from wall to wall in his 2JZ Toyota straight-six swapped Nissan S15 Silvia looks easy.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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