Let's Configure Your Porsche Taycan

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Shortly after the 2020 Porsche Taycan dropped, with 750 horsepower and a $185,000 price tag for certain versions, the configurator went up, too. Are you bored at work and need to kill some time? Let’s do this thing together!


Naturally, I chose to go with the more expensive Taycan Turbo S because I’m not spending real money, so why not. There are 10 available colors, none of which is yellow, so I went with Mamba Green metallic paint. Which I will affectionately call Flubber Green from this point forward. It doesn’t cost extra.

The big draw with the Taycan is the fact that you can paint the freaking wheels! The car comes standard with a set of 21-inch Mission E Design Wheels that cost no extra money but do set you back an extra $1,290 if you want them painted with the body color.

They look sweet. Green wheels!



Inside, you get a bunch of different upholstery choices and the Olea Club Leather in Truffle Brown really stood out to me. I have no idea what it looks like in real life, but on my computer screen, it’s warm, chocolaty and inviting. Perfect for a green car. That option is $2,450.


I also added on the Interior Accents in Exterior Color ($360) because I’ve seen it in the Miata RF and I think it’s a great touch. And I changed the color of the seat belts for $660 because why not.


I didn’t really add any exterior options after that, but I did opt for the free deletion of the “Taycan Turbo S” badge from the rear. People don’t need to know which model Taycan I have, it’s enough that only I do.

I did also check the box for the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport ($3,590) because I’ve experienced it before and it’s sublime.


In all, I tacked on $11,540 worth of equipment, bringing the total price of my Taycan Turbo S to $197,890.

Let’s see you do better, or worse. Configurator here.




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