Let's Check In On Jeremy Clarkson

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Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has a farm now, where he tends to a quite posh-looking farm shop, which is all very nice for Jeremy Clarkson. He also has a beard, and has said in a new video that Richard Hammond had another “accident” and they are planning for at least three more Grand Tour specials.

Well, the beard actually might be gone now, he said in the video that he was tired of pretending to be a socialist and that it would be gone Sunday, presumably yesterday as the video was posted yesterday but shot some time before.

Clarkson describes the upcoming Grand Tour Scotland special to be like The Grand Tour “unplugged,” which, honestly, sounds fantastic, as I’ve been saying for years now that the budgets for Clarkson, Hammond, and James May have been way too big and a return to the earlier, scrappier days of Top Gear would be a welcome change of pace.


“Because we’re not abroad, because we’re not dealing with extreme heat or extreme cold or extreme terrain, really, it’s like us three doing what we did do years and years and years ago,” Clarkson says in the video. “Hammond has an accident, May tries to be interesting, which is hilarious. It’s a fun program.”

Clarkson says in late April they will film the next Grand Tour, also in the U.K.


“And then we’ll have to start work on the next Grand Tour after that when we will be allowed to go abroad, but we don’t know where abroad because nobody does,” Clarkson says. “So it’s a very busy year.”

This is probably as excited I’ve been for a new Grand Tour special ever, though I’m assuming once world travel resumes the show will revert back to being a bloated, pointless mess. Let’s savor this until then, though.