Itā€™s always annoying to choose between ā€˜self-driving carsā€™ and ā€˜driverless carsā€™ or ā€˜autonomous carsā€™ or any other of a number of clunky terms for cars that can drive without human control. Hereā€™s a new term: autonomobile.

Former TTAC editor and current Bloomberg contributor Ed Niedermeyer coined this the other day. It came around as a response to Wiredā€™s new demonstration of increasingly present car hacking.

Things went from there.


And Bloombergā€™s Matt Miller caught on.


Itā€™s a neat summation of the tech thatā€™s been booming ever since DARPA challenged the world to drive across the desert without any human control.

Expect to see it in use more often.

Photo Credit: Cadillac


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