Let's All Mock F1's Crashiest Race Car Driver

Lotus F1's young driver Romain Grosjean crashes into other drivers a lot, like when he executed a perfect PIT maneuver on Marky Mark Webber at the recent Japanese Grand Prix. Let's make fun of him for it.

Now I should mention that I am an incorrigible Gross Jeans fan. I like the Frenchman's raw speed, his indefatigable warm demeanor, and his dreamy smile.


That's not so say he isn't the most punished driver in F1 for a long time, all thanks to his crashes. He got a one-race ban after taking out the field at Spa. He had to go into the pits and wear a dunce cap for 10 seconds for bashing into Webber at Suzuka. Some would say that situation awareness is not his strong suit.

So we made cutouts of Grosjean in his Lotus and Grosjean himself to go photoshop. Above he is admiring his handiwork in Lakehurst, New Jersey at the tender age of -49 years old.

CLICK HERE For Grosjean In Car

CLICK HERE For Grosjean Portrait

Post your best efforts in Kinja below.

Photo Credits: Getty Images

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