Let This Video Take You Through The Haunting Desolation Of An Abandoned Drag Strip

For those of you who, like me, love looking at abandoned places and establishments, then you’ll really dig this seven minute, drone-shot video of Maryland’s abandoned 75-80 Dragway.

The strip closed in 2005 after the owners, the Wilcom family, decided that it was finally time to retire after 45 years.

“I’m 68-years-old, I should have quit three years ago,” said Bill Wilcom to local news outlet The Frederick News-Post at the time. “We plan to stay in the area, get some rest in, go to church on Sundays.”


The quarter-mile drag strip was created on the Wilcom family farm, and they awesomely opened it to all kinds of people who wanted to come and see what their engines could do.

Few things evoke a sense of wistfulness in me as abandoned tracks do. And it’s of no cinematic coincidence that this was filmed at the visually pleasing golden hour of the day.

For more abandoned-stuff videos, check out the poster’s YouTube channel.

UPDATE: As many of you were so quick to point out to me, MotorWeek still tests cars here.

(H/t to BangShift!)

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My local track =(. So many Fridays and Saturdays spent there. So damn depressing. The political mess behind it is even worse.

The track closed, then was ‘refurbed’ and then closed again once the development company paid off the right people.