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Let This Burning BMW Remind You to Always Remove Anything Unsecured Before Your Track Day

Illustration for article titled Let This Burning BMW Remind You to Always Remove Anything Unsecured Before Your Track Day
Screenshot: Clipping Point Media (Facebook)

Track days are supposed to be fun. Less fun is what happened to this BMW E36. The driver didn’t remove a can of WD-40 from the trunk, it hit the exposed battery, exploded, and then set the car on fire.


It is, at least, a morbid reminder to clear out your car before hitting the track, which the driver of this BMW didn’t do in this video posted to Facebook by Clipping Point Media on Sunday:

According to the Facebook caption and the comments left by Clipping Point, after the can exploded on the battery and set the car on fire, the people in the video had trouble flagging down someone for help as they parked near a wall on the track, leading to a delayed response by the track workers.


According to the posts, the guy in shorts is not the owner of the car. By the time they managed to extinguish the fire, it had already spread to the back left taillight, and I imagine, burned through most of whatever was in the trunk.

Also, as one of the commenters on the video pointed out, it doesn’t hurt to keep a secured extinguisher in the car, just in case.

(H/T to Paulo!)

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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Not only should the loose items be removed, all the organizations I run with require your battery to have a covered positive terminal.

WD40 isn’t something you should need to bring to the track: oil, brake fluid, and coolant are great fluids to bring, WD40 not so much.