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Motorcycle accidents are, generally, terrifying. This one that happened this week on the I-880 southbound in Milpitas, California is no exception. Thankfully, the biker lived. Still, yikes.

Lane-splitting is legal in California, and while it’s possibly one of the biggest advantages to having a motorcycle in traffic, it comes with some real risks. One of which is that often people don’t expect you to be where you may be, and they don’t check their blind spots to verify, which can lead to situations like this.


Here’s what the driver with the dash cam had to say about the wreck:

I-880 southbound in Milpitas, CA. I moved over on shoulder to let a biker who was splitting lanes go by me. Car merging into HOV lane wasn’t paying attention and pulled right out in front of biker causing an accident and me almost running him over. If it wasn’t for the biker it would have been me who would have hit the car. I’m not gonna point fingers to put blame on anyone here. There’s so many ways to look at this. All I can say is be aware of your surrounding at all times. Both bikers and motorists. Drive safe everyone. And check your mirrors twice.

Check mirrors, be aware and careful, remember we’re all hurtling along on machines at a mile-a-minute.

Be safe, pals.

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