Let This Amazing Dubai Airport Time Lapse Blow Your Mind

Prominent urban filmmaker Rob Whitworth has created the hyperlapse to end all hyperlapses by taking the idea to the next level. The journey begins high over the colorful city from the flight deck of the world's largest airliner. Dubai Flow Motion is a mesmerizing tour of one of the most unique cityscapes in the world.


Rob's recent major projects include shoots for the BBC Natural History Unit, McDonalds, The Catalan tourism board, Nike, Ford. His works have gained widespread critical acclaim, and received over 10 million online views. While not his first foray into hyperlapse filmmaking, previous work has featured urban explorations of Shanghai, Barcelona, and Pyongyang. His most recent project, however, is easily the most ambitious, technologically sophisticated, and jaw-dropping.

Using a manipulation of time-lapse photography, Rob takes the viewer an a never ending flow of incredibly impossible zooms showcasing the brilliant colors and lights of the Dubai cityscape.


Whitworth told Fstoppers that this short film took four months to complete including two weeks of storyboarding, seven weeks of shooting, and four more weeks in post production. You can also see some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos in the interview with Fstoppers.

In Dubai Flow Motion you'll get a virtual tour of the city, first seeing the city from the cockpit of Emirates Airbus A380, and then down through the layers of Burj Khalifa, revealing the human activity bustling within. Then concludes with one last shift back to the air with a skydive where you float above the now familiar aerial view of the world's most mesmerizing skyline.

Amazingly, many of these hyperlapses were captured with just a single take. To see for yourself, check out this extended cut from one of the scenes in the film. It shows how Whitworth actually followed a plane from its arrival to a suitcase arriving in the hands of a model:

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Andrew P. Collins

This might be one of the first internet videos I've sat through in entirety. It's... it's beautiful. It's also made me want to see Dubai, which was never really on my list.