GIF via Jef Groff

Drifter Jef Groff encountered one of the worst-case scenarios in motorsport: his back wheel dropped off the edge of the pavement just enough that it dug into a shallow impromptu ditch that had formed there, flipping his car over. Luckily, a big group of those around helped push him back on his wheels again.

Groff’s roll happened at Andys Tires Slayday at California’s Grange Motor Circuit, where he had a pretty sweet drift going in his E36 until he didn’t. Groff says his tire debeaded, sending him wide and into the dirt around the track. the Here’s a very blurry, very shakycam video of a car following Groff that shows the roll from a different angle:

Nothing is worse than hanging in an awkward position in a race car after a roll. Gravity is going to drop you in a weird spot no matter what you do, and there’s always the nagging worry as to whether you’re really hurt if it was a hard hit.

While the fellow hopping out of the white car may have put himself at risk by running over to check on Groff as traffic was still coming to a halt on track, what happened next was heartwarming even to me, a callous, heartless internet-hole of a human being. Fellow competitors came together with the marshals to lend a hand pushing Groff’s car back on its wheels, so he could get out in a more dignified manner than through the side window.

Now that’s the true spirit of motorsports. Excuse me while I chastise my neighbors for throwing onions into chainsaws again.


[H/T Paulo!]