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Let The Soothing Words Of David E. Davis Drift You Into Sunday Slumber

Welcome to Sunday Matinee, where we highlight classic car reviews or other longer videos I find on YouTube. Kick back and enjoy this blast from the past.


David E. Davis was a mountain of a man, both literally and figuratively. Standing 6'3" and solidly built, he certainly had a commanding physical presence. His real presence, though, was felt on the page. A one-time editor and publisher of Car and Driver and the founder of Automobile magazine, he certainly cast a light over all of automotive journalism.

Though he sadly passed away two years ago, his presence can still be felt. When a lot of the older buff books would be afraid of actual automotive criticism, Davis took a stand. In 1967, he was forced to quit after giving a glowing review to the BMW 2002. The car itself was great, but the only downside was the radio. When Davis was asked to rescind the heinous accusation (yes, sarcasm) of a car having a crap sound system, he chose to resign instead. He was that kind of guy, and not all guys are that kind of guy.


Davis was also the kind of guy with a fantastic personality. Seriously. His Wikipedia page has a whole section on it. Not even Bill Clinton's got one of those, and I'm sure he's got plenty of personality.

So with all that said, go ahead and listen to Davis tell you all about the California Mille Miglia. His voice is soothing, like a down blanket for the ears. If you learn nothing at all, at least you'll surely have a fine nap.

H/t to Davesaddiction!

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I met him a few years back. He was hilarious, welcoming, schmoozy, did not harbor fools, and very nice to me. It was a nice encounter. I also got to sit in the back seat while he and Brock Yates chatted along, which was funny. Very funny. Of course this was after the about a decade Yates spent pissed at him for giving Yates' book a bad review.