Let The Commentary On This Stream Of Planes Landing In Storm Ciara Bless Your Monday

Gif: Big Jet TV (YouTube)

Storm Ciara ravaged Britain all weekend, but its impact on air travel isn’t all just breaking trans-Atlantic records. Oh no. In fact, the commentary on a livestream of planes touching down at Heathrow has provided us with some of the most surprisingly delightful motivation you can get to start off your week.


Big Jet TV on YouTube spent six and a half hours on Sunday streaming one plane touchdown after another as pilots battled strong winds and rain. You can find the video here if you’re inclined to watch the whole entire thing, but someone has blessedly compiled some of the best moments from the broadcast, and this is something you need to hear:

The commentator is rightfully riled up as he proclaims “oh, he’s done a good job there!” and “she’s got dirty flaps!” while he watches plane after plane come in for uneasy landings. It’s unintentionally hilarious and also... shockingly motivating. If I had a charmed British man yelling “flippin’ heck!” every time I completed a difficult task, I would get so much more done in a day.

Storm Ciara pounded England with 90 mph winds over the weekend, and is currently creating havoc across Europe. While these pilots in London made their dicy landings look easy, a flight from Florida coming into the nearby airport of Gatwick had to abort three landings due to rough winds, according to the Weather Channel. As the storm moves across Europe, other airports are canceling flights altogether. While canceling flights is a pain, it is probably best for passengers nerves, not to mention their stomach contents.

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“she’s got dirty flaps!”

Is this how British people flirt?