Let The Cars Go Out For A Drive

A Ferrari 365 GT4 BB imprisoned in a cruel wooden cage. A car should not be in a cage. A car should be on a road, driving. Photo: Ferrari

Beep Beep. A vroom in the night. It’s your car. It’s time to give it a taste of the road with its tire-feet. Let your car go for a drive. You gotta do it, bud.

You may think, mm-mm. No. Every component on my car is a consumable. Every mile put on it is another mile closer to when a brake pad must be replaced, an oil changed. In the garage, it is safe. Nothing is getting at it. It is. The car is. The car is in the garage and nothing is happening to it. I have the car, and I have the car in its most ideal condition (running, nothing broken) and I will keep it that way for as long as possible by reducing the number of miles put upon the car, as each mile brings me nearer to the moment when a part that is on the car breaks, leaving me stranded.


What if I drive for nine miles today just for fun, then in the next nine miles that I need the car it breaks? I could have saved those nine miles for when they were most necessary. I should leave the car where it is. It’s fine. I have a good spot. The car is ok.


The car is for driving. The car needs to let sweet wind caress it. The car needs flickering light from up above to sustain it. Give the car the driving that it needs.

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Raphael Orlove

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.