Image: Youtube screenshot
Image: Youtube screenshot

Gosh those where good times. One of my all time favorite cars that I’ve owned was my 2005 Subaru Legacy GT wagon, I’d even go so far to say that it was one of the best Subarus the brand ever made. Our friend Matt Farah got behind the wheel of one in his most recent One Take video series and he had a few glowing comments as well.


The Subaru Legacy GT wagon was surprisingly quick for its size, as Subaru basically crammed a WRX motor and transmission into a Legacy longroof. The result? A stylish sleeper wagon that still looks good today. While the wagon felt huge to me (especially when compared to my previous car, a Mini Cooper S) Farah says in his video that the overall size feels pretty manageable by today’s standards. Even still, the Legacy GT had a ton of usable cargo area and was supremely comfortable on long cruises.

It was an excellent daily driver and of course, with some modifications, it could be taken to the next level.

Subaru is on a hot streak when it comes to sales, since their lineup is mostly crossovers and that is what people want. But there was a time when Subaru made an excellent wagon with a turbocharged motor and a manual transmission...maybe that day will come again.

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