Les Hôtesses Of The 2008 Paris Motor Show

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Here we are at the end of the 2008 Paris Motor Show with all of these extra images again in our camera. Unfortunately, we can't use them because those hard working booth professionals (we decided to use the local vernacular spoken by gents in hushed and reverent tones, "les hôtesses") keep walking in front of the production cars and concepts. We don't feel too bad because we know they're doing their job of informing inquisitive journalists of the merits of the vehicles and demonstrating features too complicated for the journos to figure out. While we normally would just toss these into the recycle bin and be done with them, we figure some of you out there may want to see how many shots we have to grudgingly go through before bringing you the best possible coverage from the show.


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Both girls on the red Alfa Romeo's FTW!! Seriously. Alfa's girls are a step above.

And the girl next to that misshapen Nissan Pokemon car is soooo ashamed, she stands like 4 steps away from the car. That's OK baby, daddy is here. C'mere! I'll make it all go awayy...o_O