LeMons Winners Beaten By Le Mans Team

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Before they headed off to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, California-based Flying Lizard Motorsports dared to take on 24 Hours of LeMons-winning Krider Racing team at the All American Soap Box Derby in Vallejo. The winner would then head off to the national championships in Ohio. The Le Mans team beat the LeMons team (which spent more on its gravity-powered car than it did on the Honda-powered one), then headed to France and placed sixth in the GT2 class with their Porsche. Make the jump to read Team Krider's description of the event; we'll post their very useful "How To Win LeMons" Q&A later on, for the benefit of you South Carolina-bound racers.

The 24 Hours of LeMons Champion Krider Racing team switched gears (or years) and put their kids behind the wheel in the All American Soap Box Derby held in Vallejo, CA. This was the qualifier for the National Championships held in Akron, OH. Ironically the kid's Soap Box Derby cars cost more than the 500 dollar Lemon's Acura Integra that Krider Racing drove to victory at Altamont. The soap box race was marred by tragedy when one of the cars jumped the sidewalk and ran over an old lady. The elderly lady was taken to the hospital by ambulance and it was said she will recover soon. The Krider Racing kids were beat in the early rounds by the children of American Le Mans Series Porsche champions Flying Lizard Motorsports. So it was the offspring of LeMons champs versus American Le Mans champs. Appropriately the big money series champs won this one.