LEGO, We Have To Talk

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I forgave the LEGO Technics Porsche GT3 RS set for not really looking like a GT3 RS because the nearly 3000 piece kit had some seriously cool mechanical details. Ditto the Bugatti Chiron kit that came out earlier this year. The Danish toy giant now has a new Technics kit that allegedly approximates Chevrolet’s Corvette ZR1. It’s really bad.

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Admittedly, it’s comparatively cheap. In comparison with a $300 price tag for the Porsche, and $400 for the Bugatti, the Corvette’s $49.99 is a veritable bargain. This one is smaller and less complex than the other two, which explains the price drop. But boy howdy is this thing an uggo.

Please allow me to put on my extremely white teacher in an inner-city school movie voice here for a minute. LEGO, let me rap for a minute. I love your products, I really do. That Ferrari F40 you did a couple years ago? That was incredible. The VW Bus and the Mini Cooper were also super fun. I know you’ve got potential but you’re just wasting it man. Are you having problems at home? You can talk to me.

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If there is one saving grace of this kit, it’s that you can choose to build a different vehicle with it. Instead of a Corvette ZR1, LEGO will also supply you with instructions to build a vintage hot rod. The Hot Rod looks almost right, which is a huge improvement over the ZR1.

My suggestion for anyone who buys this kit is to build the ZR1 first because building is a lot of fun. Then tear it apart and turn it into an old hot rod because that’s the one you’ll actually want to display on your shelf.


The kit will be available in stores and online on January 1st, 2019.

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So is there a way to build it with the engine in the back? Asking for GM.