When Jalopnik started back in 1883 as a telegraph-based horseless carriage news service, we had always planned on branching out into job recruiting. I'm happy to say that after over a century of planning, it's happening! And in the best way possible: Lego wants to hire a Jalopnik reader to be a graphic designer.

Yep, that Lego. Here's the actual job posting:

You obviously have an interest and passion for vehicles why else would you be reading this Jalopnik?

But do you also have a talent for graphics and experience in creating trend setting graphical ideas for vehicles?

We have a fantastic opportunity within the LEGO Group to work with some of the top automotive brands in the world, translating their world into ours. Or how about applying your imagination to create new logos and graphics to add to the list of thousands of fictional sponsors and race liveries already used on our own race vehicles - across many different design styles and used in many varied universes.

Of course you will have to be an experienced illustrator and master several different styles, both with your excellent freehand sketching and professional rendering skills.

Also, you are an experienced user of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, and not only do you have a creative but also a technical mindset to be able to deliver in all phases of a development process.

.. and here's the link to apply.

As far as the character design part goes, don't worry so much — they want a gearhead. Here's what Andy Woodman, Senior Design Manager at Technic, told me:

Don't let it worry anyone about the character part, we have lots of people applying who can do that, what we miss are designers who can make cool vehicle graphics! I know you can help us find the right person!


and also

We are looking for some new graphic designers, but we are looking for one specifically that Jalopnik can help us find. One who can create a mean racing livery, make up cool racing inspired logos translate real world automotive awesomeness in to Lego cool! Remember we work with all the cool brands ;-)


The job is in Denmark, it looks like, but come on, to work at Lego, who wouldn't consider a change of scenery? This sounds like the dream job for the right candidate, and if I didn't already have my dream job, I'd be all over this like flies on a dropped rib roast.


I know we have a ton of wildly talented readers, so have at it! Just be sure to mention you're Jalopnik readers when you send in your info.

Good luck! Let us know if you get the gig!