Lego Could Have Sponsored A Formula 1 Team

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I'm going to ease this bad news down on you, because it's a real heartbreaker. Let me start by saying that Lego (awesome) was approached to sponsor a Formula 1 team (super awesome). Here's the connection.

The team was McLaren. This makes sense because McLaren has a Danish driver, the young Kevin Magnussen.

Autoweek reports that McLaren head honcho Ron Dennis had approached a number of Danish companies for sponsorship of their team, including Lego.


Now, here's where things get bad, so I'm going to ask you to quietly take a moment to reflect on how awesome licensed Lego F1 sets would be, promo videos where drivers wear Lego head-shaped helmets, and potential race paint schemes where it looks like the car is made of Lego.

Lego said no.

It hurts to type it, it hurts to read it. Lego turned down possibly the greatest sponsorship connection in modern history, even better than that one time Star Wars sponsored the Red Bull team.


Lego boss Jorgen Vig Knudstorp stated that F1 "did not fit Lego's brand." Ron Dennis mourned, "I wish Denmark woke up and realized what a unique opportunity they have to endorse someone who could easily become a sporting legend in this country."


That's an understatement.

I'm going to go home and look at pictures I took of my old Lego sets and try not to cry now.


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Raphael Orlove

what's crazy is that Lego and McLaren already have official tie-ins!…

dammit lego!!!