Left-Hand-Drive Vauxhall Velox Boggles Canadian Minds!

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Even though the General was already selling plenty of their Detroit-made cars (plus Opels) in North America, apparently they felt it necessary to import cars with the Vauxhall nameplate as well. Our friend Peter spotted this mid-to-late-50s Vauxhall Velox in Ontario and had camera at the ready. Make the jump to see more photos and read Peter's description.

Question... Ever see a Vauxhall Velox in North America? Yeah I know they're common in the UK.
But ever see a left hand drive Vauxhall Velox, or any left hand drive Vauxhall... anywhere?
I haven't... until yesterday. The attached pics were taken last night. They were taken in a south-west part of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Up to now, I always thought that Vauxhall was merely just the UK arm of GM since the 1920s.
But if that was so, why would I find a LHD '50s Vauxhall Velox parked at an autobody shop... with a Willowdale (now part of Toronto), Ontario, Canada dealer tag on it?
I did a search on Collector Car Trader and not a single Vauxhall was listed.
I suspect this car is pretty rare.
I'm also aware that GM imported Opels in the 1970s. But I never knew that Vauxhall cars were sold in Canada... or North America. Why would GM go through the expense of changing a Vauxhall from RHD to LHD when GM could have just imported an Opel that was already LHD?

As a postscript, Peter sent in a link to these online North American Vauxhall photo albums, which make it clear that the General was serious about selling the things here.

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Rob Emslie

Wow, that is sweet. The rear end has a bit of Facel Vega going on. Makes that Fiero next to it look like a piece of shi...wait a minute, never mind.