Leata Cabalero: Most Beautiful Car Ever Built In Post Falls, Idaho

Sure, Junkman has some nice cars in his collection. There's the Honda Coupe 9, the Pontiac-powered Deutsch-Bonnet, and the insane Porsche 356. But something was missing... until Junkman obtained this Chevette-based 1977 Leata Cabalero. Make the jump to hear what he has to say about this beauty!


Saw your DOTS post today and I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing this resident of my PCH garage. Officially, it's a 1977 Leata Cabalero (correct spelling), built by Stinebaugh Manufacturing. I like to say that it is, by far, the finest and most beautiful car ever built in Post Falls, Idaho. Stinebaugh bought running Chevette chassis from GM and added their unique body panels. For some inexplicable reason, they didn't really catch on and fewer than 100 were ever built. This one was with the original owner in Spokane until about three years ago and is all original with 80k miles. I'm sure the Pebble Beach invitation is coming any day...

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