Learner's Permit + Dad's Car = Raging Deathmobile

The most dangerous place on Earth for an American teenager? Not the battlefields of Afghanistan or the IED'd roadways of war-torn Iraq. Not the bucking deck of a crab boat plying the Bering Strait. No, according to the AP, the place you do not want to be as you complete your dewy youth is in a car with another teen behind the wheel.

Honestly, we're not all that surprised. We were teens once and the way we drove then is best forgotten now, or wishfully disremembered. "Riding unbuckled with new teen drivers on high-speed roads"—that's when the recently published study on the teen body count says junior is at greatest risk. Pretty much a triple-whammy formula for vehicular mayhem and shredded sheet-metal right there. Not to mention needless loss.


The study's core finding is no shocker: that crashes are the leading cause of death for 8-17 year-olds. What else is gonna kill 'em?

To be perfectly honest, it makes us fear for the lives of our hardworking Geneva Motor Show "booth professionals," should they ever decide to free themselves from a life of leaning on shimmering steel and stitched leather and hit the au pair circuit in the U.S. of A.

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