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Learn How To Change A Spark Plug From The Most Fabulous Person I've Ever Seen

Gif: Lady Camden (YouTube)

Lady Camden is back and this time she’s rocking bigger hair, a jumpsuit, slayer nails and thigh-high boots. Today’s lesson? Changing a spark plug. I promise you it’s never been done with this amount of pomp, fake lashes and blatant innuendos before.


John the mechanic also makes a reappearance, patiently coaching Lady Camden through the whole thing. Even if you already know how to change a spark plug, stay for the conversation. You’ll be treated to gems like:

“Now, you can actually read the spark plug. This one’s in pretty good shape. The electrode looks like it’s in pretty good shape, it doesn’t have oil on it. If it was wet, if the tip was wet, that would be a problem.”


“We don’t like wet tips in this case.”



“That’s our rubber gasket that gripped onto the tip.”

“Ooh, and it’s ribbed for your plesh.”


“Now we’re gonna put it back in the socket.”

“For fuck’s sake, we just took it out.”

“It’s reassembly time.”

“Alright, cool.”


“Now we’re gonna take our big torque wrench—”


I’m not going to lie, the next time I need my spark plugs changed, I’m probably going to pay someone to do it. I own none of these tools and will definitely screw something up. Maybe I’ll have Lady Camden do it, since she’s an expert now.

Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.

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Drag queen story time for the automotive crowd.  Some of us, anyways.