Leap Day Was Made For Rally Jumps, So Let's Watch All Of Them Today

Today is a weird day we only get once every four years called Leap Day. Let’s be honest, if you’re not spending your Leap Day watching cars fly through the air, you’re celebrating Leap Day wrong. We’re here to help with this.

I want to jump a car again. There’s nothing like that weird stillness where nothing is touching the ground. The noises of your tires flinging road dirt and pebbles around cease and it’s just you and your engine’s sound until you land. It’s a little eerie to be in a car without one of the sounds you expect to hear from a moving vehicle.

Landings can be tough, but hey, they’re worth it. You just jumped a car!

Jumps make me chuckle about like these dudes do when they see a vintage Mini hop over a crest: all giggly and warm inside.

Especially insane are the classic rally videos, where they have to contend with spectators on the road itself. Maybe that’s why modern cars keep breaking records on jumps like Colin’s Crest today: drivers really don’t have to worry as much about crowd control being an issue on the other side of a crest anymore.

Now, thanks to The Internet™,you can waste the rest of your Leap Day watching beloved cars like the Audi Ur-Quattro, Ford Escort and the Mitsubishi Evo leap into the air.

I could fill an entire page with sweet jumps from rally, desert racing, rallycross, and all manner of big-dumb-smile-inducing motorsports, but I’ll quit now so you can chime in with your favorites. What’s the best jump video you’ve ever seen?

Please, help us all properly celebrate Leap Day, and post more jumps in the comments below.


[H/T Dusty Ventures on the top jump]

GIF via YouTube

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