Leaked photos of a clay mold for a cheap Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toy of the Corvette Centennial Concept may be showing us the robot mode for a character we're told will be called either "Hot Rod" or "Stinger." So cheap in fact, it doesn’t actually transform, instead relying on a carved depiction on the underside to please the robot-loving kiddies. The interesting thing is the 2D robot’s design is nearly identical to the supposedly fan-made Stinger renderings that leaked last week, clearly showing large double-edge blades in place of hands.
Of course, it’s also possible this is a hoax, or some unlicensed Chinese knock-off instead of an officially licensed product. But we do know that the Corvette Centenial concept has been repeatedly spied running with Autobots on the Transformers 2 set and that the inclusing of a not-yet-released GM concept indicated that this should be a reasonably major character. We’re going to wait for a toy that actually transforms before plunking down our hard earned cash on a new toy for our, ummm, nephews. [Transformers Live Action Movie Blog]


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