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Le Mans Just Claimed Its First Victims Of 2018 On The Very First Corner

In a 24 hour race, it seems a little silly to get too keen on the first lap. I mean, there’s still a whole 23 hours and 59 minutes of racing left to go, and you’re not going to win a 24 hour race on the first turn of the first lap. But it’s also pretty much the biggest race ever and everyone is itching to take home that glory, which means it can happen. And it just happened to Andre Lotterer in the the Rebellion.


Yeah. On the first turn, Andre Lotterer was trying to get around one of the Toyotas, but, unfortunately, he ended up clipping Ben Hanley’s DragonSpeed BR1. The DragonSpeed popped up into the air and spun at the Dunlop Chicane.

Hanley managed to get started again, but that’s got to be a frustrating ordeal for a team that qualified well. And worse for Lotterer, the nose section of his car just… fell off. He really didn’t have a choice other than to pull into the pits and hope they could sort things out quickly.


The positive side is that there is still 23 hours and 58 minutes left to go. Pretty much anything can happen during that time, so both the DragonSpeed and the Rebellion have a chance to fight their way back up to the front—especially since rain is starting to fall on the Circuit de la Sarthe.

Update: It turns out that the nose of Andre Lotterer’s Rebellion wasn’t properly attached before the first-lap crash.

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It looks like the nose wasn’t secured correctly to begin with. Lotterer had tons of understeer from the moment he tried to turn in to turn 1. It looks to me like the nose was off the car long before he hit the Dragonspeed car.