Le Mans Classics: Nissan R390 in Zama Collection

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It's accepted knowledge that Nissan guards its Zama collection in Japan closely. Some say it employs a secret ninja squad trained to reach into an errant digital camera, rip out its CCD chip and show it to it before it dies. But a few enterprising Nissan fans did manage to score a tour of the warehouse, which holds acres of cars from Nissan's storied past. Possibly the crown jewel in the collection is the road-going R390 GT. It's a one of a kind homologation attempt based on the company's R390 GT1 entry in the 1997 24 Hours of Le Mans. The R390s were powered by a 3.5-liter aluminum-block V8, designated VRH35L, producing 641 horsepower. As legend has it, only one streetable R390 was built, and it resides in Zama, protected by a force field that can only be turned off for 30 seconds at a time, once per each month that has an R in it. That's why Nissan offers a searchable online database of the Zama collection (R390GT1). [R390 GT1: Nissan Heritage collection. [Lots more photos via TwinTurbo.net]


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