Lazy Geniuses At GM Leave Holden Logos On Chevy SS Options

So the new Chevy SS configurator is live. The big news is you can spec out your favorite V8 family sedan with a six speed manual. There's a little bit of hidden excellence deeper down the options list.


Click your way past the 6MT option and the very-Aussie Jungle Green paint and you get to the completely overpriced, hopelessly addictive section of the options list. I'm talking mudguards here.

And as it turns out, Chevy didn't bother changing the badging on this nobody's-gonna-order-it option. They left the Holden logo on.

Front Molded Splash Guard. Designed to accent the exterior of your SS, these Molded Splash Guards fit directly behind the front wheels to help protect against tire splash and mud. They feature the Holden logo.

The same is true of the rear splash guard and also the optional floormats. It's $75 for each of the mudguards, $125 for the matts.


Now, there's a little part of me believes that there's some guy locked away deep in a windowless corner of the RenCen, a secret Holden fan who approved the lion logo to come Stateside. I like to think that this is a sort of enthusiast shout-out that 99% of the American population won't recognize, but is something like an easter egg shuffled through the vast bureaucracy of General Motors.

But I really think the Holden logos came over thanks to an exchange like this.

"Hey Jim, think we should itemize some extra funding to change these Holden logos to bowties?


"Nah, fuck it."

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