The race doesn't start for two hours, but if you're like us, one of your many problems is impulsive gambling. Hey, any vice in a storm, right? So, we took a very informal poll of some Thunderhill LeMons teams, to find out what they think their odds of winning are. The results might surprise you. Or, they might not

With the #92 car, a 1991 Chevy Caprice, Team Everlast is putting their odds at, "Double whatever the long shot is." As the track is still wet and muddy, we'll take those odds.


Car #84, an '87 Cavalier from Team Two Wheels Too Many, puts their odds at 50 to 1. Seems a bit high for us, though the Raiders were 50 to 1 to win the Super Bowl in August, so... You might remember this car from the Altamont race. They finished 45th, dammit.

We've got to go find car #28, a 1965 Mercedes-Benz 190 that Team Field Find found in a field. For reals, they're claiming that it still has algae growing on it. Their odds? 1000 to 1. We might put $20 on that.


The Rockford Pile Checking In

The secretive and confidential team called, "The Rockford Pile" has the #10 car — a 1978 Firebird with Camaro fenders — painted in "Jim Rockford Gold." But what's with the Camaro fenders? "This is what Jim Rockford drives when he wants to go incognito — so know one knows it's his Firebird." That makes sense. Their odThey ain't saying. However, "We like our chances." As do we. We'll even give 3 to 1 to finish.


We met the Zack and Alex from Team Crash Test Dummies (car #37) last night at the bar. They got themselves a 1986 BMW 325 with a rebuilt head. You might call them brash, and their car isn't that fast, but they put their odds of winning at 2 to 1. We can only wish them the best of luck.

Car #67 is the Jalopnik favorite. Why? The officials already made them remove the stripper's pole and change their car's name. So, the team formerly known as Red Meat and Poontang is now know as Team Super Jonny. Obviously, we like that name. A lot. They're driving a "brand new" 1999 Mazda Protege, and as they put it, "If we finish, we're on the podium." Godspeed, brothers. And, we'd give them 150 to 1.


Car #51 might be the sleeper to keep your eye on. Team Safari West is rocking a 70s XJ6. With a Chevy small block. Hey, they're putting their odds at 2 to1.

Team Pit Crew Revenge is rocking the #14 car, an '88 Civic festooned with traffic cones. They're claiming 3 to 1 to win. Hmmmm.

The #09 car is an Acura Integra of some vintage. Hence their team name, Acuracy. I spoke with their mechanic, a very serious dude, and he conservatively estimated their odds at 10 to 1. I'm keeping my eye on these guys.


Team Bridgeway Over Frozen Waters was not sure of their number, their car or their odds though at least 2 drivers were checking in. We'll let you know as soon as they do.

Car #69 is the 1967 Plymouth Fury from Altamont that finished 23rd. Well, they're back, they're confident and they're saying 10 to 1.

Those of you up late last night will f course remember Team Nerd Herd and their red MR2. It's the #8 car and instead of odds, they're saying, "If the other cars all break, we can push ours." Onwards to victory!!


Another Altamont LeMons veteran is the #68 car, a "Mazdasaurus Wrecks." What kind of Mazda? "A Mazdasaurus Wrecks" I see. Odds? 73 3/4 to 1.

In the Red Racing has an '84 GTI with the #4 painted on it. Pretty smart choice. The more philosophical of the two drives put the odds at, "Between zero and zero." However, the more realistic hoon simply said, "I think we're going to win." We'll give 'em 5 to 1, assuming they don't get crushed to death early on.

Car #45 is being driven by Team Prelude to Greatness, and you guessed it, they got a Honda Prelude. What year? "Between an '86 and an '87." Odds? 11 to 1.


Team Motoring J-Style showed up with a "Lotus tuned" 1989 Isuzu I-Mark. At first they put their odds at, "Waking up and looking at Angelina Jolie." They later revised their estimate to "Jessica Alba." When we last saw them, they were back up to "Rosie O'Donnell."

Team Driving While Awesome was, well, awesome enough to send us an in-car video from the last LeMons. This time they're back, so's their Porsche 944 and after quite a bit of deliberation, they're saying 6 to 1.


And finally, the other Team Size Matters of Honda CRX fame (finished 13th at Altamont) is putting their odds at 69 to 1. Best of luck, Gentlemen.

And, if we were asked to bookmake some odds, we'd have to go with the Krider Racing Sentra SE-R as the favorite. Let's say 5 to1? Though, there is talk of some out of control Camaro... Stay tuned.

Regardless of Their Odds, All Teams Gotta See The Judge