We've known about the Saudi craze of "Hagwalah" for a while now, but this new fad of "sidewalk skiing" may take the cake for one of the stupidest things we've ever seen. It basically involves getting the car on two wheels, getting out, and going for a ride.

In the video above, members of a sidewalk skiing team even get out and change one of the airborne tires while the car is still moving.


According to the BBC, sidewalk skiing is "exciting," but it just looks dangerous to me, especially when done on public roads with no safety equipment. We shouldn't worry though, according to sidewalk skier Shahoot:

It's not dangerous, it's normal, unless the speeds get high... Everything is fine.

Yes, totally normal, at least for Saudi Arabia. Let's hope Shahoot doesn't crash, as the last time somebody did that they ended up killing two people and then being beheaded.


H/T to John and $kaycog!

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