Late Night With Conan O'Brien Hits Detroit Auto Show

Conan O'Brien took a crew to the Detroit Auto Show to continue the havoc we started. A man of his height sure puts the size of the Lotus Elise into perspective.


Points to note about this bit:

  • The Lotus Elise looks small enough to fit in Conan's pocket, thus reminding us why we would trade our eye teeth for one.
  • Smart cars make terrible party favors, everyone gets saddled with unexpected tax bills
  • Conan made one error in reporting, the Lotus Hyster isn't planned for production till the 2010 calendar year
  • We've met Richard Duff before, one of the designers for the Buick LaCrosse, and despite his portrayal, he's not nearly as nerdy as he seems. Well, not quite as nerdy. Augbert.
  • Slow motion video playback can make anything funny

(Thanks for the tip Maxichamp) [NBC]

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