Las Vegas Hummer Dealer, One Of Largest In Country, Closes Doors

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The WSJ reports that Towbin Hummer is the only Hummer dealer in Las Vegas, and one of the brand's biggest franchises in the US — at least it will be until tomorrow, when the dealership shuts its doors for good. While Towbin will be just one of several Hummer dealerships to close this year, it's perhaps the most significant due to its location and place on the sales charts. After all, when you stake your claim on being the biggest and the baddest, and Vegas rejects you, you've probably hit the end of the line. But the Towbin dealership closure isn't just a bust for owner and self-described Hummer aficionado Dan Towbin; it's a big problem for GM too. (UPDATED: The initial WSJ article contained some inaccuracies; this post has been edited to reflect the correct information.) Jalopnik Snap Judgment: It's suddenly becoming more apparent why GM considers the sale of Hummer to be an "urgent" matter: perhaps it's because with every day that passes — and every dealer that closes — the value of the brand is dropping like c-notes at the craps table. If GM wants to get anything out of this deal, they have to act quickly. Evidence is mounting that keeping Hummer as a viable concern in the US market is unlikely, so any potential suitors will need to come from countries with a strong market for over-the-top SUVs — Russia or somewhere in the Middle East. [WSJ]

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Rob Emslie

Oh well, the douchebags will still have the Escalade.