Large Cop Stands In Also Large Pothole

The cop doesn’t actually fall in, to be clear.
Screenshot: Grand Blanc Township (Facebook)

The roads in Michigan are wildly bad. How bad, you ask? Check out this photo of a pothole that’s so big a cop in Grand Blanc township can easily step inside.

The Midwest has been taking a beating this week from torrential downpours. Apparently, the flooding created what police in Grand Blanc Township said was a “culvert wash out.” The result? A massive crater for cars to fall into.


I mean, look at this thing.

For context, Grand Blanc police said the officer—Officer David Clark—in the photo is 6'5", meaning this thing’s like two or three feet deep. Goddamn.

Can you even call this a pothole anymore? Merriam-Webster defines a sinkhole as “a hollow place or depression in which drainage collects.”


I’m calling this a sinkhole.

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