Laptop-Distracted Truck Driver Kills Family Of Six

A tragic story unfolds as a truck driver distracted by his laptop rear-ends a family carrier and crushes them between two massive semis.

Paulo Jorge Nogueira da Silva, 46, is currently in court on six charges of death resulting from dangerous driving because he was reportedly operating his 40 ton container truck while using his laptop on the highway.


Andrew Thomas QC, the prosecuting attorney, states,

"As the Statham family came behind a large container lorry, which was at the back of the queuing traffic, their car was struck from behind by another lorry. The Stathams' car was crushed between the two trucks. The front of the car was forced underneath the rear of the lorry ahead of them and the passenger compartment was compressed."

Thomas continues with the results of the horrible accident,

David and Michelle Statham, of Llandudno, and their four children - sons Reece, 13, Jay, nine, and Mason, 20 months, and 10-week-old baby daughter Ellouise - were killed instantly in the crash on the M6 at Sandbach, Cheshire, last October.


Texting while driving is highly dangerous and distracting for all drivers, but using a laptop while hauling heavy cargo goes tenfold. Pay attention while driving, no matter the vehicle you're operating.


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