Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero Tears Into Fox News Over Bailout Double Standards

Virgil "Virg" Bernero is the mayor of Lansing, Michigan and he's a little hot under the collar from the bad wrap that the UAW workers are receiving and lays it all out for Fox News.

We understand your frustration Mr. Bernero, but jeez-o-pete, lay off the campaign tactics and Red Bull for a minute and answer the kind Fox News anchor's questions. Of course, we've also heard he's a bit of a hot-head — Wert knows him from his days working for Michigan Governor Granholm in Lansing, and here's what he had to say:

My favorite Virg story is from back in 2003 when he was still in the State Senate. Virg cornered me next to one of the stairwells in the Capitol building in Lansing at some lobbyist luncheon. Virg knew I worked for the Governor, knew I was a senior staff member and decided I was a great target to bitch about some funding measure the Governor was pushing — despite the fact I wasn't in legislative affairs, nor was I going to lobby on his behalf to them. Regardless, he decided he wanted to play "hardball" with me, so he got in my face, blustering, gesturing wildly and bitching about the funding decision. The only problem is that I'm like a foot taller than him. So in order to get in my face, he needed to stand on the tips of his toes. So there we were, him bitching and yelling, pointing his finger in my face, me trying not to laugh at this little guy trying to intimidate me, when I realized that I could help him out. I stopped him in mid-sentence saying "Hold on a second," grabbed him, spun him around and stepped down one step so that I was now eye-to-eye with him, finishing with a "There, that's better — you looked like you were going to topple over. Please, continue your bitching." His face red with anger, Virg started to say something, then spun around and stalked off. I only smiled, put on my jacket and walked back over to my office in the Romney Building across the street."


[via dailykos]

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