I'm Headed To England To Be All Dapper And Shit (And Ride Royal Enfields)

This weekend, I’m getting my full retro-immersion on to check out some British motorsports history, and modern reinventions of it. Period appropriate garb, British Racing Green, pomade, and the full line of Royal Enfield’s revised motorcycle lineup are on the menu at the 2015 Goodwood Revival.

The Goodwood Revival is a marque celebration of fine British machinery and tradition, and Royal Enfield will be our hosts.


They’re a storied British manufacturer embarking on a product blitz in the same vein as Jaguar / Land Rover - new products, new ownership, and an aim to attract new customers.


So, I’m heading to the UK for two reasons. First, to ride the lineup, and secondly to revel in the history of England’s motorsports tradition.


I’ll be headed over with a complete lineup of throwback-inspired garb, and Sean has even talked me into wearing one of those glittery ¾ helmets he loves over this cute ass haircut I got just for the event. Who’s ready to see an Illinois boy wear suspenders and a newsboy cap?

What would you like to know? Have any suggestions about the new bikes? How the fuck do you tie a bowtie and why is it so hard? How dapper is too dapper? All these questions and more can be supplied and answered.


I’ll be reporting back in real-ish time on the bikes, the noise, and the event. So hit us up with any and all questions and comments.

Additionally, I’ll be regrouping after the event and doing a complete review of the bikes and the gear, and answering additional questions. So get them in so I can have them in mind while I’m sipping tea with the Queen.


Likewise, if any overseas Jalops or ‘Splitters will be attending, I hope you holler at me.


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