You ever watch a professional airline pilot at work and think "Pfft, whatever, I could totally do that?" The answer is probably no, because sometimes you have to deal with super typhoons, and those are never fun.

This video comes to us from Taiwan, which was hammered by Super Typhoon Usagi this weekend along with China and the Philippines. The cameraperson captured two EVA Air jets attempting to land as it is hit by 33 mph wind gusts in the air and 48 mph wind gusts on the runway. It's crazy how much the planes get batted around by the storm winds.


Evidently, one of the planes is able to land safely, but the typhoon proved too perilous for the second plane and its pilot was forced to make another pass and try again. Some skilled flying in both instances for sure.

I'm just glad I wasn't on either plane. That couldn't have been much fun either.

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