Land Speed Record for a Shed on Wheels Has Been Shattered by the Same Shed on Wheels

Sheds are exciting things, right? Standing there all still, keeping shit like coiled hoses and bags of peat moss protected from the elements—what could make them any better? Just one thing: speed. One shed has achieved the goal of speed, and has even set a new record for the fastest shed on the planet: 101.5 mph.


The shed, built entirely by 54-year old Kevin Nicks, from the incredibly-British-named town of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, is based on a Volkswagen Passat. The shed held a previous record of over 80 mph, but a switch from the VW’s V6 powerplant to a much more potent twin-turbo 450 horsepower Audi engine from an RS4 gave the shed the extra oomph it needed to thrust a defiant middle finger to aerodynamics and break the magic 100 mph barrier, which has long seemed an impossible goal for sheds.

Here’s video of the record-breaking run on a Welsh beach:

The shed was built after the donor Passat hit a deer, and is currently believed to be the only road-legal shed in existence, as well as the fastest.

Here’s an informative video about the man and his shed, and take note of an interesting bit at 2:20:

It’s not really related to the drivable shed, but the fact that there’s a human being who’s been called a “shed addict.”


The world is a fascinating place.

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