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The Camel Trophy was a big, bad off-road endurance challenge Land Rover used to put on every time they felt like showing off new equipment. In 1998, and for the first time ever, that included a plucky little crossover. Things got... “radical?”

The first two minutes of the 1998 Camel Trophy to Tierra Del Fuego looks like any other classic Land Rover clip; boxy hardcore 4WDs bashing through mud.

But the Freelander was a lifestyle product. So to sell that concept competitors went skiing, biking and rafting because you know; that’s what owning one of these babies would feel like.

I clicked this video to get a closer look at that kickass roof-mounted light pod these little SUVs are wearing. I stayed for the ridiculous musical sports montages.


Land Rover turned a three-week trip into an hour-long presentation which you can now scrub through and grunt in amusement at. Or if you don’t have that much time to burn a delightful slice of 90’s adventure-travel culture, there’s a nine-minute junior varsity version you can enjoy too.

I think the Discovery Sport could use a continent-crossing PR expedition too, don’t you? Plus; off-roaders always look awesome in yellow.


Images/video via Land Rover

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